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Experience the Muse of Nature

Connecting people is what the plant is all about.

Our principles are born out of the spirits of the plant.

Crafted by hand, using the world's best organically sourced inputs.

Humboldt Homegrown Aroma Earth Flavor


Wildly rich and spirited taste. Presents your favorite timeless varietals.

Humboldt Homegrown Aroma Earth Flavor


Pleasantly warm and balanced. Presents market favorite exotics.

Humboldt Homegrown Redwood Fuel Flavor


Fully satisfying smoke for all senses.  Presents classic fuel-smelling strains. 

Humboldt Homegrown Wild Fruits Flavor


Refreshingly bright and crisp.  Presents popular fruit-flavored varietals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Humboldt Homegrown is a network of cannabis growers united under one house brand.
Born from the spirit of the plant and bound by four core principles
1. Community
2. Authenticity
3. Way-of-life
4. Hands On

When you join Humboldt Homegrown as a grower member, you not only produce flower for the brand, you also become an owner of the company and all the benefits it has to offer. Inside of this ownership includes huge discounts with nutrients and clones, compliance filing, multiple revenue streams, profit sharing and exclusive processing and distribution.

The current members are 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation growers who chose to grow stronger together. We believe working together will not only strengthen our community as a whole but give us the power necessary to fairly compete against corporate cannabis.

We believe the spirit of the plant is expressed through its unique chemical diversity of Terpenes rather than the 3 corporate talking points – Indica – Sativa – Hybrid used today. These expressions result in the unique scent of the cannabis plant and ultimately assist in the entourage effect we’ve come to enjoy from our favorite strains. We believe no matter what strain you love, they always fall into four predominant scent categories: Fuel – Sweet – Fruit – Earth. Our grower members have the freedom to grow what strain works best in their environment knowing they’ll always have a home in one of our flavor categories – Redwood Fuel – Nature’s Sweets – Wild Fruits – Aroma Earth. Our customers find satisfaction from exploring the unique effects experienced from each of our flavor categories. After all, it is in the spirit of the plant that we are all connected – that is what the plant is all about.

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